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About Ant Renamer 2.10

Ant Renamer makes it easy to rename a large number of files at once. You can specify a list of files and can specify a sequence of renaming actions to apply to the file list, for example :

  • move/delete characters
  • replace characters with others,
  • multiple string replacement (eg replace "January" with "01", "February" with "02", etc)

For each renaming action you specify , there is a preview of what the renaming action does. You can then save the series of renaming actions to a batch file for future use and also preview the entire series acting on your specified list of files before actually doing so.

Features of Ant Renamer 2.10

This program can rename large amounts of files and folders in few clicks. It only modifies files/folders names:

  • Changing extensions
  • Replacing character strings by others
  • Inserting a character string
  • Moving characters
  • Deleting several characters
  • Enumeration
  • Name creation with mp3's Tag (ID v1.1)
  • Name creation with file's last modified date and time
  • Random names creation
  • Case change (uppercase, lowercase, first letter of each word in uppercase, ...)
  • Take names from a list/file
  • Support Unicode names under Windows 2000/XP
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