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About AxCrypt 1.7.2976

AxCrypt is an easy to use file encryption software for Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7, integrated with Windows Explorer. Encrypt, compress, decrypt, wipe, view and edit files with a few mouse clicks.

Features of AxCrypt 1.7.2976

  • To encrypt a file, right-click it in Windows Explorer, select 'AxCrypt | Encrypt' and enter a pass phrase plus the path to an optional strong key file.
  • To decrypt, right-click and select 'AxCrypt | Decrypt' instead, and enter the correct pass phrase plus the path to the correct key file (if used).
  • To encrypt to a self-decrypting .exe program, right-click and select 'AxCrypt | Encrypt Copy to .exe' . You can send these files to anyone, they do not need to have AxCrypt installed.
  • Also has command line parameters.

AxCrypt Install Notes

As the AxCrypt downloads page notes:

The downloads may include advertisement offers for additional software to finance further development of AxCrypt via the OpenCandy network, or via Softonic Universal Downloader. You may decline OpenCandy offers by selecting the 'I do not accept' radio buttton at the offer screen, and Softonic offers by unchecking the checkbox. You must still accept license agreement in the first dialog. Please read the Axantum Software website for more information.

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