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About Halite 0.3.4

Halite is a BitTorrent client for Windows 7/Vista/XP/2000 which enables end users with broadband to join the BitTorrent peer-to-peer (P2P) distribution system and download files via this protocol.

The BitTorrent protocol is designed to distribute large quantities of data (e.g. the 700MB .iso image file for the TTCS OSSWIN CD) among many users without saturating the bandwidth of the host server. In traditional file distribution, a high demand for a large file can overwhelm the bandwidth resources of the server whereas with the BitTorrent protocol, the bandwidth demands are shared amongst the clients who are downloading the data.

Be sure to read the article: How to start using BitTorrent to download files and see the related links section for links to more details about the BitTorrent client and protocol and peer-to-peer file transfer technology.

Features of Halite 0.3.4

  • Multiple downloads
  • Displays more detailed information for the selected torrent
  • Connection limits both global and per-torrent
  • Transfer rate limits again global and per-torrent
  • Trackerless torrents (using the Mainline kademlia DHT protocol)
  • IP filtering with eMule ipfilter.dat import
  • Minimize to tray with transfer rate summary
  • Association with ".torrent" files
  • Option to limit the number of instances to one
  • Estimated time remaining indicator
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