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TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89 - Free and Open Source Software for Windows

How to use the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89

The TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89 offers a web based interface for you to browse the collection of Free and Open Source Software for Windows.

The webpages use CSS and Javascript for showing and hiding sections. While such pages are viewable in any browser, the full functionality of the interface may not be available in older browsers. To take full advantage of the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89 web page interface, you should use either :

Mozilla Firefox (Download from TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89) (recommended)
This is included on the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89. It is recommended that you install the OpenDownload2 extension that allows you to open ANY file (such as executables) directly without having to save the file first to your hard disk to launch it. With this extension, you can "run" the program installer directly from the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89.
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7
With the new security features in Windows XP Service Pack 2, Internet Explorer will initially restrict the webpages on the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89 from "showing active content" . The "active content" is the Javascript used for the web interface. For full functionality, allow such content to run
This freeware web browser also has many features in a small download.

Here is a screenshot of the web based interface:

Each program has its own web page with the following sections:

  • a short introduction describing what the program does.
  • a screenshot of the program.
  • the features of the program.
  • related web links which contain useful information, tutorials, discussion forums. You will need to be online to access these links.

From the program's page, you can install the program from the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89 and visit the homepage of the program (if you are online) in order to access the latest information, for example, program updates.

On the left side of the page are the program categories (Desktop Applications, Educational, etc.) and the "About the TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89" section. Clicking on these sections will open a submenu containing the programs and related links for that section.

Creative Commons Licence
The TTCS OSSWIN DVD 0.89 webpages (the work), is copyrighted by the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS) and is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 Licence.
Every one of the Free and Open Source Software applications on this DVD is governed by its own licence.
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