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About Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.6

Mozilla Thunderbird is a powerful e-mail client with many features such as intelligent spam/junk mail filters, improved message search, support for multiple email accounts, built-in spell checker and extension support (plugins which enchance the features and functionality of Thunderbird).

One popular Thunderbird extension is Lightning which adds scheduling of events and tasks and calendar functionality.

Features of Mozilla Thunderbird 17.0.6

Intelligent spam filtering
Instead of manually trying to create filters to remove spam from your inbox, Mozilla Thunderbird can be trained to detect (and remove) spam messages automatically.
Spell check as you type.
Mulitiple email accounts
Manage mulitiple POP3 and IMAP email accounts. You can choose to have a global inbox for all of your email accounts or have a separate inbox for each email account.
Mozilla Thunderbird blocks remote images in emails by default.
News and RSS reader
Thunderbird can be used to read and post to newsgroups (NNTP). You can also subscribe to RSS newsfeeds
Import email and address books from other email applications
Thunderbird can import mail and address books from Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express and Eudora.
Extension capabilty
Extensions allows you to add as many features to the email client. Find them all at
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