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About Notepad++ 6.3.3

Notepad++ is a text editor with extra functions for programmers and web developers. It has many features such as: a tabbed mulitple document interface, ability to create text macros, search and replace in multiple files and syntax highlighting for nearly 50 languages including C/C++, Java, HTML, PHP, CSS, XML, Visual Basic and Perl.

Notepad++ also supports plugins which extend the functionality of Notepad++ in many ways. For example, if you use Notepad++ to edit HTML code, check out the Zen Coding Plugin.

Features of Notepad++ 6.3.3

Tabbed Multiple Document Interface (MDI).
Notepad++ uses tabs at the top of the program which allows you to easily switch between opened documents.
Syntax highlighting of over 45 languages
You can also customise the default colouring and fonts for each language and create your own user-scheme for syntax highlighting.
Code Folding/Outlining
This allows you to collapse and expand sections of code/html in order to focus on the parts of your document that require attention.
Wide number of plugins
Extend Notepad++ with a wide variety of plugins ranging from creating encyrpted files to edit remote files via FTP
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