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About PDFCreator 1.7.0

PDFCreator allows you to create Adobe Acrobat® files, also known as Portable Document Format (PDF) files on your Windows PC. It does this by installing a printer driver in Windows®. The result is that you can now create PDF files from any programs that has print capability.

The PDFs created with PDFCreator can be viewed and printed by the Free and Open Source Software's Sumatra PDF viewer or the freeware Adobe Acrobat® Reader.

Features of PDFCreator 1.7.0

Easy PDF generation
Create PDF's from just about any program that prints using Windows printers.
The benefits of PDFs
You can share and email documents to friends and co-workers without requiring them to have the same application and version as yourself. PDFs can be viewed and printed with Adobe's free Adobe Acrobat® Reader which is available for a variety of devices and operating systems.
Customise how PDFs are created
A wide variety of options available to customise the PDF output although the defaults should be sufficient.
Create PDFs in other ways
While printing is the easiest way to create PDFs, PDFCreator supports four other methods: Drag and Drop, Document Adding, Command Line and via Windows Explorer.
Includes an extensive help file.
Can combine multiple documents from different applications into a single PDF.
Create documents in the following formats: Portable Document Format (PDF), Postscript (PS), Encapsulated Postscript (EPS), PNG, JPEG, BMP, PCX and TIFF.

PDFCreator Install Notes

Note that the v1.7.0 installer asks you to install two trial programs. Select "Expert Settings" option at the first "Welcome to the PDFCreator Setup Wizard" screen and follow the prompts carefully so that you can choose NOT to install these programs when asked.

Note also that PDFCreator includes PDFArchitect, a tool to easily modify your PDF files. By default, it integrates with various programs (eg Windows Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Office to name a few). By selecting "Expert Settings" option, you can turn off such integrations.

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