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About Pinta 1.4

Pinta is a simple image and photo manipulation software for Windows. Inspired by Paint.NET, it's goal is to provide a simpler alternative to GIMP for causal users.

Pinta has a select of common editing tools, support the concept of layers, undo/redo and a variety of adjustments and effects for your images

Pinta Install Notes

Pinta requires both the Microsoft .NET v4 framework AND the Gtk# for .NET for Windows to be installed.

Install/Download Microsoft .NET v4

You can check what versions of .NET you have installed by viewing the C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.NET\Framework folder (You should also view the Framework64 folder on a 64-bit computer, which can have 32 or 64-bit versions installed.) Each version of the .NET Framework has a folder, and the first two digits of the folder name identify the .NET Framework installed. (HT MSDN website)

Install/Download Gtk# for .NET from DVD

Note that if you have installed Tomboy, the desktop notetaking application, you have already installed Gtk# for .NET for Windows.

Install/Download Pinta 1.4 from DVD

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