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About TaskSwitchXP 2.0.11

TaskSwitchXP is an advanced task management utility (for Windows XP ONLY) that picks up where the standard Windows Alt+Tab switcher leaves off. It provides the same functionality, and adds visual styles to the dialog and also enhances it by displaying thumbnail preview of the application that will be switched to. TaskSwitchXP also has a powerful process and window management capability that allows you quickly to close/minimize applications and their groups.

Features of TaskSwitchXP 2.0.11

Takes few system resources
TaskSwitchXP is optimized for Windows XP: it uses less than 1 MB memory.
Designed for Windows XP, based on XP Visual Styles
Unlike the standard Windows switcher, TaskSwitchXP can render using Windows XP Visual Styles the end user currently has selected. TaskSwitchXP also allows standard Windows XP shadow and transparency effects, fade animation and more.
Window snapshots as thumbnail preview
TaskSwitchXP displays small screenshot of the currently selected application in addition to the associated icon and caption. All child windows of the task are displayed on the preview image including modal dialogs and floating palettes.
Task management capability
TaskSwitchXP provides a lot of advanced task management capabilities with handy popup menus and multiple selections.
Highly configurable
TaskSwitchXP can be customized on a per-user basis with optional font and color settings, interface schemes, list and preview styles, appearance effects, hotkeys, exclusions and more.
Full mouse and keyboard control
Besides the classical Alt-Tab switching, TaskSwitchXP fully supports mouse and keyboard control. You can switch and manage tasks a lot faster using the mouse wheel and shortcut keys.
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