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About Virtual Dimension 0.94

Virtual Dimension is a feature-filled virtual desktop manager for Windows (9x, NT and XP).

It allows you to switch your Windows desktop with another desktops that are offscreen. The effect is as if you have several PCs with monitors and are moving between each one. This allows you to group programs in its own virtual desktop instead of having them all on one desktop, and having to minimise and maximise when switching between programs.

For example, you can have one desktop for Internet apps such as a web browser, another desktop for your office suite and another for graphics editing.

Features of Virtual Dimension 0.94

  • Unlimited number of virtual desktops (as memory permits).
  • Optional preview window, allowing the user to select the desktop to switch to and to access many of the functions.
  • Tray icon: allows easy access to most functions without taking space on the desktop.
  • Specific settings for each desktop (wallpaper, desktop background color, etc.).
  • Ability to move a window from one desktop to the other and to have a window be present on all desktops.
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