QR code (Quick Response code)

QR x 60

   This is a QR code tag. It is an amplified 2D Bar Code. You see QRs in magazines, stores and places where making digital information available to people is prioritized. People use Smartphones or Android devices to scan QR images and read the information they contain.

  This website (http://hodsondts.org/QR/) offers you the ability to purchase a laid out sheet of 60 or 90 identical tags, so you can label multiple items with your own very specific information. Some- one's book collection, for instance, can have discreet labels containing the owner's name, address, email, website and perhaps some ancillary information. For other ideas on QR code tags go to QRStuff, or the GoogleDoc QR Uses.

   This HodsonDTS site offers you a chance to enter the information you want multiple labels for, and then choose how to retrieve them. Remember, you must have access to a device that can run a pre-loaded QR-reader App1.

Three easy steps:

   1) Choose the number of labels per page 2) Choose delivery method, and
   3)Enter your information. 

1) Choose the number of labels per page

    How many labels do you want? Choose to order 60 identical labels per page (see above left) or 90 labels per page. 

2) Choose delivery method

   a) PDF/EMAIL: this delivery method enables you to receive a PDF file attached to your email response. This PDF file can then be easily printed. Since most people have access to a printer, popular labels that are 1 x 2 5/8 (30/page Avery 5160/5660 Office Depot # 199216, etc) can easily print the 60 labels/page generated here. The 90 label sheets must be special ordered (OnlineLabels.com # OL28WX). Please don't try to print the 90 label PDF file on a 30 label page.

   b) Have the 60 labels per page or the 90 labels per page printed by us and mailed to you via United States Postal Service (USPS). The 90 labels/page choice is generally requested via USPS. We pay for postage.

3) Enter your information

    The content of each message should be less than 135 characters, and can include name, address, phone(s), URL, email or any type of locator or labeling information. Common teacher/parent/business uses include updating business cards, labeling clothes, backpacks, books, equipment and tools that are loaned regularly. A personal info QR label with notes and fliers sent home to parents or customers is a powerful attention getter. Look [here] at an example of a filled form.

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    After your data, please make sure to enter the kind of label you want: 60L-EMAIL or 90L-USPS will help process the order. If you want more than one label, separate the data with a {} mark.

Prices and Payment

60 Labels
60 Labels
90 Labels
90 Labels
1 sheet
US$ 2.50
US$ 4.00
US$ 2.50
US$ 5.00
5 sheets(2)
US$ 10.00
US$ 18.00
US$ 10.00
US$ 22.50
10 sheets(2) US$ 18.00
US$ 34.00
US$ 18.00
US$ 45.00

   Larger single QR tags (like for luggage) are available via PDF/email. Iron-on (1 small QR tag, and 1 large) are available for T-shirts. For any special order, please contact:

Use the link below to pay for your order

   PayPal is our preferred method of payment. For simple orders, please use the pull-down menu to select your choice. Use the email above for amounts not listed.



(1) To load a QR-reader application into a smart phone search the device's app store.
     More [here].
(2) Ordering 5-9 QRs at once is more advantageous, as is ordering 10-14. Please use
     the provided email for larger or special orders.